Mid Term Conference

  • 2015-05-14

In the main target of the dissemination activity of the Digitalife project (LIFE13 ENV/IT/000140), we are organizing the mid-term conference that will be held the next 4th June in Almazora (Castellon, Spain) at MAE (Matimex Architectural Exhibition).

At the conference, Italian and Spanish speaker will talk about their studies on innovative construction materials: large slabs with a size of 150 cm x 300 cm and made with ecoActive compounds so to be in full harmony with the environment. It will be also possible to attend to a field demonstration on how it is ease to work with this slabs and their complete versatility.
During the day, a particular remark will be devoted to three projects financed by the European Community: DIGITALIFE, LIFE-PHOTOSCALING and LIFE-IMPROVE.
The respective Project Managers (V. Capucci, GranitiFiandre SpA - M. Castellote, Directora Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción E. Torroja (CSIC) – T. Moreno, Senior researcher in IDAEA-CSIC) will present their preliminary results.

Download the conference Programme