Main Actions

The DIGITALIFE demonstration project will be organised in different phases: in the first phase preliminary actions will be undertaken. In the second phase, the digital printing pilot will be realised. In the third phase novel water-based print heads will be substituted into the system. In the fourth phase the technology will be validated. In the fifth phase the environmental parameters will be assessed, and market studies will be conducted. Finally the new technology will be disseminated to the project’s stakeholders and the wider public.

ACTION A: Preparatory actions

In the preparatory actions DIGITALIFE partners will finalise studies on print heads design, solvent based and water-based inks and the photocatalytic activity. The partners will set clear and quantitative targets, identify key parameters and define standards (e.g. ISO 10678, ISO 27448-1, ISO 27447), and select suppliers. Finally the partners will design the pilot plant layout.

ACTION B Implementation actions

The digital printing pilot plant will be realised and its functioning will be tested according to the aforementioned identified parameters and targets. Subsequently, water-based ink technology replace solvent-based ink. The pilot will be finally assessed in terms of environmental parameters (energy, water, materials waste), fine-tuned and validated on large 1,5x3m tiles. Actions and means involved:

ACTION C: Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

The entire production, from the collection of raw materials, to the manufacturing of tiles and their disposal, will be monitored in order to assess all relevant environmental parameters in view of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis (ISO 14040:2006, 14044:2006). Preliminary market studies will be also conducted to facilitate the market introduction after the conclusion of the project.

ACTION D: Communication and dissemination of results

DIGITALIFE partners will disseminate both the project activities and results to the relevant stakeholders, including industry, academia and policy makers, and the wider public. Moreover they will elaborate an after-Life+ Communication Plan, where they will define the future outreach activities.

ACTION E: Project management and monitoring of the project progress

Action E is devoted to the management and monitoring of the DIGITALIFE project, including activities, targets, reporting and achievements. DIGITALIFE consortium will also develop contingency plans and take care of a seamless organisation and links with the EC.