The Life+ “DIGITALIFE” project aims at demonstrating:

  • A novel system for manufacturing high quality photocatalytically active tiles up to 1,5x3m size.
    The new system will make use of digital printing technology, where TiO2-based ink will be directly and homogeneously deposited on the tiles surface highly reducing TiO2 excess and waste, and drastically reducing energy and water usage.

  • A novel ink-based on water able to provide similar performances to the ones of the currently used solvent-based ink.
    The avoidance of solvent-based ink will further strengthen the positive environmental impact of the project, by completely eliminating petrochemical-based substances.
    The performances of the tiles produced with the novel process will be validated and assessed with Erythrosine tests and according to the EU and ISO standards (e.g. ISO 10678, ISO 27448-1, ISO 27447).